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Hi everyone and welcome to Safari Affiliate, a hang-out for affiliates. My name is Jeff, a strong believer of industrial revoluiton, in particular Industry 4.0 that heralded the world wide web (The Internet). Safari is a Swahili word that mean journey. Safari Affiliate is borne out of desire to promote full utilization of this behomoth called The Internet. The full potential of the Internet is unknwon, still a journey if your ask me.

Affiliate Marketing: Making Money through Affiliate Programs

I started to work online some years back when i was still in 8 to 5 job; taking online surveys and call center support for a few coins here and there. After i left employment, it dawned on me that there are numerous opportunities in the Internet for anyone ready to soil his or her hands.

Affiliate marketing (earning a commission as a percentage of the sold product), became the most appealing to me mainly due to low cost in strartup/ongoiing investment and risk, flexibilty and huge potential ROI. I had also worked in promotion drives for commission pay during my college days.

The Internet is a goldmine of risks due to the simple reason of having billions of people accessing it each day. This is compounded by the lack of sufficient knowledge by many of the Internet users, unavailability of credible source of appropriate information and greed to make easy and quick money.

As a result, scammers and fraudsters don the Internet each minute as Affiliate Networks/Programms, employers or just fake followers. Affiliates are therefore in danger of loosing their hard-earned commissions or receive nothing for their efforts.

Safari Affiliate : Separating Chaffs from Wheat

Affiliate marketing is neither a ponzi scheme nor an easy-get-rich schemes but rather a rewarding job that demand hard work, dedication, persistence and focus. The online workplace is as good as any other workpalce, if not better.

At Safari Affiliate, we strive to demstify the notion that making money online is a scam as well as the belief that hard work is not required to make money online. Our focus is therefore to become partners with anyone looking for ways to monetize their skills, hobby, passion or just time using the power of the Internet, either as the sustainable job or a side hustle.

Whether you want to join credible/high paying Affiliate Network/Program or just require to understand various aspect of affiliate marketing, safariaffiliate.com conduct detailed reviews for you, making comparison with major market players so that you can make informed decision and finally hold your hand until you can stand on your own. Our step by step analysis of the various success strategies will ensure you will never wander in the wilderness.

If you ever need a hand or have ay questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,

Co-founder, safariaffiliate.com
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